Scallion and Sesame Chicken Crackers

Everyone knows to make yummy chicken soup from a leftover roast, but what would you do with leftover chicken soup? I say nothing goes to waste and turn it into crackers! They’re easy to make, tasty and very versatile to serve. These little munchies taste just like the store bought kind, without the extra chemicals … Continue reading

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Steamed Otah Buns

I found 3 packs of otah paste in the freezer and it became the perfect excuse to make some steamed buns. Otah is a pâté-like spicy fish cake that is usually eaten as a snack in South-East Asia. You can find otah bread buns at the bakery but I’ve always found them rather dry and … Continue reading

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Chestnut Bread

With Christmas round the corner, I’ve been craving for chestnuts and the smell of them roasting on an open fire. Unfortunately, the only fire I can light here is a gas stove and so to feed my cravings, I’ve decided to devour them in as many ways as possible. This is a simple recipe using … Continue reading

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