Black Sesame Macarons with Buddha Hand’s Citron Buttercream

We don’t find the Buddha’s hand citron all year round but at this time, it is in abundance, although they are a tad pricey. I really love how beautiful they smell and how unusual they look. They smell like the hyperactive love child of yuzu and lemon. Interestingly, there’s no pulp and the entire fruit … Continue reading

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Black Sesame Paste

It’s been raining for two days and I was really craving for some comfort dessert. Something warm, wholesome, not too sweet, and not too heavy will be perfect for weather like this. And voila, black sesame paste came to mind. In the neighbourhood where I spent my childhood was a shop, which was really more … Continue reading

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Scallion and Sesame Chicken Crackers

Everyone knows to make yummy chicken soup from a leftover roast, but what would you do with leftover chicken soup? I say nothing goes to waste and turn it into crackers! They’re easy to make, tasty and very versatile to serve. These little munchies taste just like the store bought kind, without the extra chemicals … Continue reading

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