Ankimo and Aji Sashimi Don (Monkfish Liver and Spanish Mackerel)

I had great pleasure today at the Japanese supermarket sampling the seasonal produce and while I never intended to prepare fish tonight, it became inevitable after seeing the fish section. Under the ‘In Season’ section was a strange package of almost grotesque, but beautifully sliced blob of beige with intriguing orange marbling. On closer inspection, … Continue reading

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Longevity Peach Onigiri

It’s a Chinese tradition to serve longevity peach buns during birthdays and so I made a rice version with a hidden surprise. Ingredients (makes 8): 8 cups of cooked sushi rice8 large scallops8 edible leaves (any kind)Red food colouringPinch of saltOil Method: Allow cooked rice to cool till it is not too hot for handling. … Continue reading

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