This Is How We Eat

This weekend’s been a hit and miss with good food. My parents and I decided on a late dinner/supper on Saturday at Oasis, a Chinese restaurant ‘popular’ for their Taiwanese styled sweet potato congee with a la carte dishes to match. It was a disaster. Food presentation was appalling, and everything seemed overcooked, or worse, … Continue reading

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Paradise Dynasty

Had dinner tonight at Paradise Dynasty at Orchard ION and was lucky the queue wasn’t terrible. The restaurant was rather large and dressed to opulence. Despite the hype and crowd, food wasn’t fantastic although very reasonably priced. These pictures were taken with my iPhone and I’m very impressed by the instagram filters. The signature dynasty … Continue reading

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Charly T’s Roast Chicken

Had dinner at Charly T’s today and finally got a chance to try their roast chicken. I must say serving roast chicken in a restaurant is probably a safe bet as there is no way you can go wrong with it. As long as the chicken is fully cooked, no one’s gonna complain. However, you … Continue reading

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