Daring Cooks Challenge (Feb) – Cha Soba and Mixed Tempura with Ume-Citron Sauce

This is my first Daring Cooks’ Challenge and thank heavens it’s something I’m slightly familiar with. The theme for this month’s challenge is cold soba with tempura. For this challenge, I made cold cha soba and mixed tempura with ume-citron dipping sauce. Cha soba is soba noodles flavoured with green tea powder and I’ve always … Continue reading

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Flour Vermicelli with Seven and Three – A Human Day Dish

9th February was the seventh day of the lunar new year, and is also known as 人日, or Human Day. According to traditional Chinese folklore, it is the creation day of humans, and thus, is the birthday of every single person. In Singapore, Chinese celebrate this special day by (needless to say) eating. Family members … Continue reading

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Almond Crusted Chicken Aglio Olio with Mandarin Watercress Salad

Although I try to cook everyday, Sundays are the days to tackle those mercilessly difficult recipes. Like every other Sunday, I had big plans for today, which includes an oven roasted duck ballotine and a quiche, but as you can see, it wasn’t realised. Why? I woke up at 5pm thanks to overindulgence in Julia … Continue reading

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