Black Sesame Macarons with Buddha Hand’s Citron Buttercream

We don’t find the Buddha’s hand citron all year round but at this time, it is in abundance, although they are a tad pricey. I really love how beautiful they smell and how unusual they look. They smell like the hyperactive love child of yuzu and lemon. Interestingly, there’s no pulp and the entire fruit is edible with no bitterness which makes it very versatile.

I wanted to use the citron to make a rather oriental macaron and decided to use black sesame powder in the shells. It worked really well and actually made the macarons less fragile. The citron buttercream was light and refreshing, compared to the nutty and smoky shells. It kinda reminded me of Earl Grey tea.

I used the same recipe that can be found in my Lychee Macarons post, substituting 1/4 of the ground almonds with ground black sesame. The buttercream follows the same recipe except I blended citron rinds into the milk before adding them to the butter. As I was making them for a big party, I realised my piping bags were too small and I needed to improvise to save time, so I used a big ziplock bag with an attached piping head.

Cleaning up was a breeze with this piping bag – just throw it into the bin.

I really enjoyed mixing black sesame powder with icing sugar. The colour is beautiful and it smells absolutely divine . It also feels like I was mixing cement to line some bricks. At this point, I was already confident that the macarons shells would turn out perfect just by how the batter felt while I was folding them.

The piped out batter looks like little pebbles glowing under the sun. This time, I was back to using Glad’s baking sheet again and I am convinced that other brands simply do not work for baking macarons. It also made me realise why Glad was named Glad.

Well, as you can see above in the finished macarons, they did taste as well as they look but I guess I wouldn’t be making anymore macarons for a while simply because I’ve been neglecting all the lovely cakes and breads I should be baking. Hope you like this post and I would love to know if you have made anything with the Buddha’s Hand citron.

13 Responses to “Black Sesame Macarons with Buddha Hand’s Citron Buttercream”
  1. These look absolutely mouth drooling.

  2. ahhh your macarons look so much nicer than my accidental grey ones! i’m not usually a black sesame fan but i can imagine the fragrance you described… sweet and nutty… funny you mentioned Earl Grey – b/c that’s my next experiment! =P

    i’ve actually never seen a citron until recently on david lebovitz’s blog…. now yours – you guys must be on the same wavelength! 😉

    • foodandscent says:

      Lil, you are making me blush with that David Lebovitz comment. That man is a genius.

      I’m curious to know what you’d be making with Earl Grey. Tiffany @ Comowater is working on earl grey too .. perhaps I can do something with earl grey next and we can link up and get a trend going!

  3. Tiffany says:

    Another super creative flavor and texture combo! And I love your description! I am working on a recipe for an ‘earl grey tea cake w/buttercream.’ I should totally consider using Buddha’s hand instead of bergamot in the buttercream!!! 🙂

    • foodandscent says:

      Hi Tiffany, I can’t wait to see the recipe for your tea cake! Are you able to get Buddha’s hand from where you are? If not, I’ll send you some essential oil once I get around distilling them.

  4. Janine says:

    I’ve been seeing the Buddha’s hand citron but have never tasted it. Your description of it sounds absolutely divine and makes me wanna try it in some citrus-like tart. I’ve read that it tastes really yummy as a marmalade!

    • foodandscent says:

      Oh yes, it will be amazing when added to a jam. I was shopping in Giant when I saw them and after I picked one up to smell, I knew I had to do a few things with them. You know the candies that they make with them? You can do them easily at home with sugar syrup!

  5. Hi Eugene! I found you on FoodBuzz and love your blog. I lived in Singapore for some time and love ‘visiting’ the food available there and to read your recipes using them. I’m vaguely familiar with Buddha’s hand but have not cooked with it. Great post.

  6. These look amazing! How lucky are you to have that citron in season – I’ve only seen it at a grocery store once and it was sooo expensive.

  7. Joyce Lim says:

    I saw this at NTUC Finest and was wondering what it was and what it could be used for. Interesting thing, would love to learn more about it too.

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