Paradise Dynasty

Had dinner tonight at Paradise Dynasty at Orchard ION and was lucky the queue wasn’t terrible. The restaurant was rather large and dressed to opulence. Despite the hype and crowd, food wasn’t fantastic although very reasonably priced. These pictures were taken with my iPhone and I’m very impressed by the instagram filters.

The signature dynasty xiao long bao in 8 flavours. The foie gras (brown) worked the best although it would probably work better if it’s filled with mince duck instead. Truffle (black) was a let down. It was neither pungent nor sulphurous. Ginseng (green) was weird and cheese (yellow) just tasted cheap.

Double boiled chicken soup. Really basic and average.

Jing Jiang Rou Si (shredded pork in sweet peking sauce). Again, this is incomparable to the amazing ones I’ve tried and could do with more condiments.

Picked cabbage and vegetables. No comments. x_x

Crispy pork ribs. Tasty but a little too dry.

I realised how negative I have been in this review. The food isn’t that bad, but given all the hype and publicity, I was expecting a lot more from them. I’d definitely return to try their other dishes since it is reasonable but only if there’s not a queue.


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