Charly T’s Roast Chicken

Had dinner at Charly T’s today and finally got a chance to try their roast chicken. I must say serving roast chicken in a restaurant is probably a safe bet as there is no way you can go wrong with it. As long as the chicken is fully cooked, no one’s gonna complain. However, you can make your chicken stand out against a flock by throwing in a few little extras, like the many different sauces and sides you can choose at Charly T’s. I chose the Chermoula and Kampong Amber sauce and found them to be rather impressive and chockful of flavour.

The corn salad I had as my side was a little let down. It was drowning in cinnamon which was a little off when everything else was savoury. Chips were crisp and tasty and served in a rather big portion.

 The mood of the restaurant was nice and tastefully decorated but they can certainly improve on the service. You’d have to order and pay at the counter so if you get stuck behind someone indecisive, it wouldn’t be a great start. I’ve been here thrice, and three times, the waiter forgot either my sugar syrup or straw for the iced tea.


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